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Hiding in plain sight...

In order to be fully loved and fully functioning, we have to be fully known.  -Dr. John Townsend I've always been good at hiding. As an introvert, hide and go seek was my favorite game for many reasons, but mostly because I was so good at hiding that I was almost never found, and I could then relish in the quiet and comfort of not being seen. As an adult, we all play this game too. We seek relationships, empathy, connection, comfort, or validation and yet we simultaneously hide from exposure. We want friends, but we don't want them to see THAT struggle, we want connection but we don't want to reciprocate vulnerability and share what we've been walking through. We want validation of our successes but we'd rather no one to see our failures.  We're fickle creatures. All of us, if we're honest are afraid to be exposed, afraid to show the weaker parts of ourselves and it reminds me though of an old Shane and Shane song..... The father of lies

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