Mother's Day: Still A Mother (Part II)

He handed me the pink card hidden away in his suit pocket.

"Here," he thrust it forward. "I meant to give you this."

I opened it up slowly, knowing that it would reference our miscarriages, but it said so much more.

Thank you for being the most amazing mom to our "nieces and nephews." I know our two children could not be here but I know they are looking down in love and smile for all the love and compassion you have. I am so proud of the woman, mother, and friend you are and I will cherish every moment with you.

A few years ago I wrote this post about my journey with infertility, a journey I am still on. Mother's Day continues to be difficult day for me as I continue to believe for a biological child but also yearn for the adopted kids I know are coming too.

But this year I've embraced a core truth.

We are all Mothers. 

Mothering is much more than just a biological process. It's a spirit we carry within us as women that's part of the character of God and one that's needed (and often missing) in the church today. It's the ability to care for, nurture, and lead with intuition. It's mentoring that younger woman, bringing a meal to a family in need, teaching a class, leading a group, putting your arm around a friend who's hurting.

It's calling out things unseen, knowing things that aren't said, and discerning when to speak up.

It's for the teachers, nurses, and ministers who often act as surrogate moms. It's for that coworker that you lovingly call your "work mom" because she always knows just what to say.

You see, being a mother isn't something we become one day when we're older, it's something we already are.  

So to all the women, moms, mentors, friends, leaders, ministers, and caregivers--here's to you! Happy Mother's Day!

My facebook messenger blinks and alerts me that I have one new message. It's an old friend from Bible College:
Hi Alex.  I'm thinking of you this Mother's Day.  I will never forget your blog post about 4 years ago.  I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day!
 Later a text comes through, and I smile:
Hi, I love you! Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day (early!)
And I realize that I've just been mother-bombed by two beautiful Mothers, children or not. You see, Mother's have this fierce intuition. They know when someone is hurting and why, they know how to acknowledge pain, instill hope, and just be there.

Mother's know how to heal.

I suddenly remember a friend who's hoping for children too and I text her a kind word, knowing she'll need it today.

Because you see, I'm a mother too.


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