Worth-a-look Wednesday

It's that time again! Here are 10 things to broaden your horizons, challenge you, give you a new perspective, and most importantly--- get you through the week! 

1. Why Church Doesn't Work Anymore - One woman's perspective on how the internet is changing church and how people experience it.
I became a Christian during a year without the Internet. True story. I went for a year without the Internet and the only thing I could think of, to meet all those needs that used to be met by my life on the Internet, was church. I went to a church where I hardly agreed with anybody about anything, but I went anyway, and I dug in. For most of a year that church was the core and center of my social life. Within months of going back on the Internet I was church shopping. True story.
2. Let's Try Emotional Correctness - This woman is a lesbian who works for fox news...which makes her in many peoples eyes an enigma. It's an interesting perspective, and there is a lot of truth in her words about talking through things instead of at each other.  
We spend so much time talking past each other and not through our disagreements. If we can start to find compassion for one another then we have a shot at building common ground. Our challenge is to find the compassion for others that we want them to have for us."
3. The Journey Not Carefully Planned - If you love words, poetry, and diving into the depths of both, you'll enjoy this post.  
Here's to having sea legs, and here's to the holding on...
4. Me too - Amber puts to the page what we all long for in friendship--vulnerability, intimacy, and acceptance.
..my soul needs a little something, not a promise even, just a hint, that if I mess up, I’ll still be loved. If something happens that scares me to death or breaks my heart, someone will be on the other end of the phone, or at my door. Not just with emojis or advice, but open arms and quiet acceptance.
5. Church In A Pub - I love out of the box ministry and this is just that!
A guy sits at the bar nursing a beer, he overhears the Gospel of Luke, he sees people line up to take bread and wine, he gets curious. Phil Heinze says pub church has now become an official — if edgy — Lutheran mission. "I'm not interested, frankly, in making more church members," Heinze. "I'm interested in having people have significant relationships around Jesus. And if it turns out to be craft beer, fine."
6. 5 Church Phrases That Are Scaring Off Millenials - Words matter. They have implications and connotations and mean different things to different people groups. This is a great reminder to choose them wisely, even in Church.
In the end, it’s not really about what churches say or don’t say. What millennials want is to be seen. Understood. Loved. It’s what everyone wants, really. And for this generation of journeyers? Choosing honesty over cliché is a really great place to start.
7. 38 Of The Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth - Oh! Just looking at these makes the adventurous side of me tingle. If I could take my camera to each of these places and explore, I would be one happy girl!

8. The Most Exhausting Person You Should Never Be - This is my goal for 2014, to be myself, and to stop apologizing for it.
Only dead fish go with the flow...
9. The Best Dad Ever - This is purely to make you smile. One Dad, one sandwich bag, and a few sharpies. That's what love looks like.

10. Man Sells Restaurant to Save Employee - Okay, if this doesn't restore your faith in goodwill and charity, I don't know what will.
"I just can’t be standing by and doing nothing,” De Beyer told KHOU. “I have to try something because it’s not right. Here’s a family, they really work hard they have a lot of stuff against them in the past and they are not holding their hand open they didn’t even ask anybody for help."


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