Boundaries:: When I'm Not You

I'm guest posting today at one of my sheroes' blogs:: Elora Nicole. I'm in her Story Sessions Course and when she asked for guest posters I began to peruse the topics she'd set each week. Then I felt that familiar tug, the one that says I'm about to ask you to do what you don't want to. So, I chose the boundary week and if you know me, that's a miracle in itself. Boundaries are not something I've been good at--they're unfamiliar territory. Traversing them has been like hiking in the wilderness without a compass, just the sweet sound of  God's voice calling me out. Part of this journey too, has been learning to give credence to my voice. Learning to live out of vulnerability and authenticity has been the hardest thing I've walked through yet, and this post, it's a part of that. But I'm bracing myself because it's sure to come with a vulnerability hangover!

“What do you need right now?”
The counselor looks at me with her eyebrows raised as I started and stopped, trying to find words to a question I’d never considered. 
“I don’t….know.” Was all I could manage. 
“Okay, what do you want right now?” 
“I don’t…I don’t really know.” My cheeks turned red with frustration. This was getting ridiculous! What woman didn’t know the answer to these simple questions. How had I gotten this way?
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