Guest Blogging: Control Freak

I'm guest blogging today over at Destiny in Bloom today with a post dear to my heart. Actually I was terrified of writing it because...well who likes to admit something like that, really? The past few months have been a hard lesson in both letting go, and learning to control the only thing I can---myself. Both are painstakingly hard lessons to walk out, but have revolutionized my life, my marriage, my relationships, and my world view.

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I’ve never worked well in groups. I confess that I did almost anything I could to avoid group projects in high school and college and I’m sure in my school file the phrase “does not work well with others” is stamped somewhere on there. I am, amongst other things, a hopeless idealist and perfectionist, which makes it hard to let anyone else take the reins in any project that I’m vested in, including my marriage.
Last year we braved the cold and misty rain to put up our Christmas lights per my grandmother’s request. I stood at the bottom of the ladder giving orders and handing lights and clips to my husband who perched gracefully on the roof. As usual, I was calling the shots. My husband graciously took the orders that were barked at him, as he usually does, right up until it was time to take the rented ladder back to Home Depot. That’s when all my pushing, shoving, and controlling had finally rubbed a hole in my husband’s patience.

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