He's good for it...

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Two months ago I heard the Lord on something I'd been praying about. When I say heard, I would normally mean that still small nudge of the spirit, that tiny voice that calls out truth in love. Not this time.

It was one of those "Moses and the burning bush" kind of times with God where His directives were clear, audible...and scary.

What He was asking me to do came with a promise, but everything in my heart was railing against it.

What if I do this and what He promises doesn't come through?

As if He was a gamble.

As if the God of the Universe couldn't deliver.

For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.
People disappoint us, situations don't work out the way we'd like, and our hearts take a beating. And in the midst of this deep wounds tear through right to our core, feeding us lies, spurring us on to protect ourselves, masquerading as an insurance policy that never quite pays out.

And with these broken lenses we view our lives and accept the lie--whatever that is--for truth.

Somewhere deep inside me I'd believed that trust was a gamble and I wasn't into betting games.

And I judged God by my heart ruler and measured Him by my standards.

So instead, I took the challenge. I moved forward in faith, pleading the prayer of the father in Matthew 9..

Lord I believe, but help my unbelief

I said that prayer every moment, with every breath, waiting on His promise to be birthed. Some days I cried this prayer.

Other days I screamed it.

Bit by bit, my old wounds were healed up. Painstakingly, each thorn torn out, each lie pulled deep from its very root.

And then it happened, and I stood in amazement. A glorious promise fulfilled of things long stolen from my family---restored. Of happiness and joy and restoration.

This I know now, more than ever before. He is not a gamble but a surety.

If you are waiting on a promise or if you, like I was, are standing on the precipice of deciding whether to trust and move forward or to cut and run, know this. 

He's good for it. He is.

And He always will be.


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