I wrote this entry already, twice.

Twice it was erased, one of my own volition, the other a happy accident.

Both times I backspaced, deleted, and re-typed until the heart behind the entry was lost in translation. And then it dawned on me...

This is how I'd been living my life.

Delete, backspace, edit, tweak...

Anything to make this life look a little neater and my world a bit more put-together. I have this little neat idea in my head, a residual self image that I want to project, an arrival point I want to be at.

My deleted blog, the blank screen, it called BS on me today. On this thing called authentic, sincere living.

Life normally doesn't come with a backspace button. And it doesn't need to.

Mistakes and mess are God's specialties.

And it's good to remember that.


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