Tell me a story...

Recite a sermon and my .2 second attention span will wander and wane...

Expound on random scripture, and my eyes might just glaze over...

Debate theology and you will get a book thrown at you...

But tell me a story and I am yours to enthrall.

That's the great thing about this book called the Bible. It's chock full of stories. Heros, nemeses, drama, affairs, comedy,'s all in there. Heck, it's better than watching the latest episode of the Bachelor any day.

Can you imagine for a second a reality tv show based on the Bible? David and Saul would never get along, Samson would have his very own "douche jar" (New Girl anyone?). Throw in a Jezebel and Ahab, a Rahab, and a Ruth. And maybe for good measure an unwed teen mother. Wow. There's good material there.

And while you might be a bit ashamed that you got some of those references (reality tv is a guilty pleasure of mine) it's important to know that God built us this way, to relate to each other. To crave that moment when you hear a story and say to yourself, "wow, yah, me too."

The Bible is a story of redemption, but more importantly it's a story that has characters that we can each relate to. And true to reality, it's a story that wanders and wanes, full of messy, complicated people.

And maybe that's why it's the most famous book out there. It may get a lot of flack, but I'll tell you this, I'll take a story that I can relate to any day over books about dieties I can't.

My God is not afraid to be real, to get all up in this mess and love us anyway. Jesus became a man, walking miles in our shoes, so that he could wrap His arms around us and say what we each long to hear..."hey man, me too."

Tell me a story better than that one.

Go ahead, I dare ya.


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