Truth Tuesdays: Sometimes I think

Every Tuesday we endeavor to open ourselves up and tell it like it is, to live openly and freely in front of each other, to encourage, to admonish and to say "me too," to throw off the masks we wear and simply be who we are right now. Won't you join us? Link up at the bottom and place a link on your page as well. This weeks theme: Sometimes I think....

It happened again last night.

The two of us, at odds. The discomfort of two hearts trying hard to become one, at it again with superfluous words that don't matter, that don't fix things.

I am helpless to stop myself into falling into old patterns and speeches. This is painful, and sometimes I think that Paul had it right when he chose not to get married. Sometimes I want to pack up and run far away from the hard thing, this constant strained race that perfects us and makes us both all the more holy, that forces me to look and see the death inside my own heart.

And my heart, it yearns for yours dear counterpart, to know it through and through, to understand. Sometimes I think how marvelous it would be to crawl inside your head and stay there awhile, to know why you think the way you very different from me.

But then if we were both the same, I think it might get boring.

Worse, we might not grow.

Genius, this thing called marriage. Put two completely different people together to push each other in just the right places, to call out the things that aren't right.

I know this is good God. You called it so.

I know this is Your plan.

But can I just say that sometimes, sometimes I think I'd rather take the easy way out?

Just today anyway.


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