The Freedom to Lead A Nation....

King George VI: L-listen to me... listen to me! Lionel Logue: Why should I waste my time listening to you? King George VI: Because I have a voice! Lionel Logue: ...yes, you do. 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, 19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Luke 4:17-19
Great Britain was in trouble. Set on the brink of war with Hitler, with King George V dead and his eldest son abdicating the throne all eyes were set on his second son: Albert, or to those closest to him, Bertie. But Bertie had a problem--he couldn't speak in public. His stammer was so bad that many times the only audible noises that came from his lips were odd guttural sounds. Radio and TV were quickly becoming the venue that royalty used to speak to their people, and with Albert's disability, the situation seemed hopeless. Enter Lionel Logue; for all accounts a nobody. Lionel was a no-named failed Australian actor who showed a keen interest in elocution. During the 1st World War he used his talents to help soldiers coming in from the field who were shell shocked. Many came back stuttering, stammering, or completely mute. He quickly realized that this was more than a mere speech impediment, he had to go deeper. There was a connection with traumatic events, and the lies they believed because of them. His soldiers were returning from the chaos of the battlefield absolutely convinced they no longer had a voice--that no one was listening. Lionel in his own words said, "I showed them they still had a voice." He broke the lie. Bertie also carried some baggage. A meek child, he recounted that his first nanny hated him and failed to feed him for many years before his mother and father finally took notice. He relayed his dad's disgust at his stammering problem, and his eldest brothers constant taunting. He told of his defects, the bent legs that were corrected by excruciatingly painful metal braces worn for years, and the worst of it, the lonliness that came from being a member of the royal family--hidden from view. All of this led to a lie not just about his circumstances but about his identity. He may have been the Son of a King, but he felt like a nobody and he believed he was just that. But Lionel knew better. He saw past the King's defects and helped him discover the lie and subsequently the truth--that he had a voice and that his voice was important! With his newfound freedom, King George the VI led his people into the 2nd World War with Hitler and his inspirational war time broadcasts helped encourage and empower a nation that desperately needed it. King George VI (Bertie) found his voice, and Britain found one of the greatest leaders they'd ever had. Like Bertie, we too are Sons and Daughters of the King and just as susceptible to the lies of the enemy. How many times have we drawn false conclusions from our circumstances and believed the lie (Insert lie here)? I lost, so I'm a loser. They don't like me, so I must be un-loveable. They hurt me so I must be worthless. I'm different, so I must be bad. The most dangerous are those that the enemy tells us about who we are. So how do we break them?

  1. Find the lie and renounce it.

  2. Ask God to show you the truth.

  3. Finally Repent. This is where we acknowledge our part in all this--that we drew false conclusions about our circumstances and agreed with the lies of the enemy.

My father was not a particularly loving individual in that he often had temper flares and said some damaging things not only about what I did, but who I was. A lie I believed for a very long time because of this was that I was un-loveable.

The truth that God showed me was that my Father loved me very much, but that he himself was hurting and out of that hurt came the hurtful words he spoke that had nothing to do with me and everything to do with his own bondage. I repented, right then and there for agreeing with the enemy that I was un-loveable and acknowledging that God loved me very much, so much that He sent his only Son to stand in the gap for me. As God set me free from the bondage of rejection, my whole countenance changed, and I felt just like Bertie when he triumphantly shouted " I HAVE A VOICE!" I wanted to shout from the rooftops about the love of God and the freedom found therein!

Imagine for a second that Bertie had gone on believing the lie that his voice didn't matter. Would he have stepped up in place of his eldest brother as the monarch of a nation? Would he have been able to speak to thousands of hurting people as many of their sons and fathers were sent off to war? Could he have encouraged them through the constant air raids and lack of supplies? The truth was that his voice mattered more than he would ever know and without him, Great Britain's history would have looked much different. Bertie found the Freedom to lead a nation, and our destinies are just as important!

So what's stopping you?


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