Twilight and the Sacred Romance

Twilight has become an obsession of women everywhere. From the books, to the movies, to "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" t-shirts, Twilight is captivating the imaginations and hearts of people across the nation. I've read article after article condemning the books and movies from Christian magazines and bloggers, but I think we've failed to see the bigger picture here, we've failed to ask the most important questions. Why is Twilight so captivating? What is so universal about this vampire/human love story that finds it's fan base so broad?

Like many Americans, I've found myself in a movie theater patiently waiting to see the next part of the the Twilight saga. The theater is always filled with women of all ages, from pre-teens to senior citizens. But I wasn't focused so much on the movie this time around. What I wanted to know were answers. Answers to questions like why this movie seems to resonate with so many people. What is the common thread, the common desire within each woman that makes love stories like this so alluring?

Isabella Swan is a young girl who's clearly been misunderstood by her mother, her father, and even her new friends. Like everyone else she yearns for something more than the daily grind and she finds that in Edward. He is without a doubt the perfect man, a gentleman who holds restraint in areas where many men give in. Best of all, he's madly in love with Bella and protects her, even from herself. He'd die for her and she for him. He is a mystery to her, a lovely one worth pursuing and vice versa. Isn't that what we all yearn for? An eternal love, a love so deep and so ingrained that it lasts through the ages? Could it be that books like Twilight have hit that nerve, the desire for an eternal love, a sacred romance?

Twilight itself is neutral.

Like many things in life it's neither evil nor good, it's simply what you get out of it. Many find an obsession (though this can be said for more 'Christian themed' movies like Lord of the Rings who clearly have an obsessed fan base) but what I found was the desire in every woman for a sacred romance, and one that is readily available to us. That eternal love, that perfect man only exists in One Being. He's called the Alpha, Omega, Mighty God, Lord of Hosts, Savior of Nations, Sacrificial Lamb.

He is the only one that can fill the God sized whole in our hearts. He's the one who loves us eternally and unconditionally.He is the one who protects us, even from ourselves. He's the perfect gentleman, the giver of all things good. He offers us eternal life, love, and happiness and He's with us always.

Like Edward to Bella, He is a mystery worth delving into, a being capable of crushing us with His power but who loves us so deeply it's hard to fathom.

Aren't these all themes in Twilight? Does it start to become clear? There is something deeper going on here.

Twilight hits on our desire for romance, for love, for connection. The most beautiful and sacred romance the world has ever known is the romance between God and us. It's the one our hearts pine for, it's the one our souls long for. And it's one worth pursuing.


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