Six Impossible Things...

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

-Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

It would be a tragedy to talk about the Father without talking about His Daughters and Sons. It would be a tragedy to talk about the greatest Healer of all time without talking about the healed.

-Pastor Bob Hamp, Author of Think Differently, Live Differently

It was a rainy Friday night when my husband and I sat down to watch the latest adaption of Alice in Wonderland. I was fascinated at the spin that Tim Burton took on it and my heart rose in triumph as Alice, no longer a girl and unsure of herself, triumphed over her evil foe and then proceeded to triumph over her own reality. She was no longer Alice, pushed about. She was Alice, Warrior Princess! Something about that journey rang true to me. Something deep within rose up with her and cheered as her journey came to it's victorious ending, where Alice became who she was truly created to be.

As she slew her foe, the Jabberwocky, she reminded herself of six impossible things that she believed. These spurred her on her journey to become her true self, and as she repeated them she realized that they didn't seem so impossible at all. The biggest battle that Alice fought was in her mind, and that is the biggest battle we will ever fight as well, for it is the enemies chosen battle ground.

I wonder, if we used Alice's strategy, might it not help us? I wonder, if we recited the six impossible things before breakfast we believed, how ready for battle we'd be. Here are my six:

  1. I believe that we are created beings, created by The Being, a Loving Father.

  2. I believe in an unseen world. It is swirling all around us, and even though it cannot be seen with the human eye, it can be felt by our spirits. I believe in a Kingdom of God that is here and now.

  3. I believe we are in a great battle, a battle that is not only made to wage the war for our souls, but to keep us locked in bondage, away from the Abundant Life the enemy knows we can have.

  4. I believe in Jesus, fully human, and fully God, whose sacrifice gave Him the keys to Hell and gave us Victory over the enemy.

  5. I believe that we all have a special part to play in this continuing saga, that we were made for a purpose. That we were made for adventure and triumph.

  6. I believe I am God's Warrior Princess, though I feel weak and insignificant. I believe I have a destiny, and just like Alice my journey is to become exactly who I was created to be. I also believe the enemy will stop at nothing to keep me from reaching that goal. And most of all....I believe I'm already victorious. Like Alice, I know I can defeat the Jabberwocky, because Someone has already gone ahead of me.
What six impossible things do you believe?


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