On mold and brokenness...

"I feel like this thing I struggle with, this sin, is like mold on bread."

He paused for dramatic affect. Seeing the quizzical look on my face, he continued.

"It's like moldy bread in a refrigerator. First it's only a little green, harmless really and almost undetectable. But then it sits, hidden in the back of the fridge for a few weeks, and suddenly as your pushing aside the mayo you come across a hideous, horrible green mess that at one time resembled food, but now resembles a science experiment gone terribly wrong."

And it was at that moment as he spoke, that He spoke to me about my own moldy bread, and out into the light came an area in my life that I knew I needed to deal with. It was an area that had brought shame for so many years. I had buried it so deeply, that I'd really forgotten it was an issue at all....but like the mold I could feel it's effect in every area of my life.

We cannot compartmentalize our spiritual issues. It's impossible to do so and not see the effects in one way or another. You cannot battle porn and not expect it to effect your marriage. You cannot battle depression and not expect it to seep into your job, relationships, and spiritual experiences. You cannot hold onto unforgiveness and not expect it to have adverse affects on your health and wholeness. Like moldy bread, sin, wounds, and spiritual issues that remain unattended to and unhealed will spread until one day something rubs them and the dam bursts.

God's design is for His people to walk in health, spiritual wealth, and wholeness, and that cannot happen if we continue to believe that the things that plague us, that keep us in bondage, are not hurting the rest of our lives. It's high time that we take the shame off of acknowledging what we struggle with and turn to the only One that can help us.

And as for me, I've got a strange urge to clean out the refrigerator, and I'm not a bit afraid of what I may find.


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