Getting free together...

For weeks now I've been feeling heavy hearted and have had no idea why, but I've learned along the way that if I want to continue to live the free and abundant life in Christ, I have to listen to the warning signs along the way. So I promptly scheduled what we call at Gateway "a freedom session," which is most akin to a counseling session in which God is the main counselor. The counselee is challenged to ask God about the hardships they're going through, and here's the kicker, the reason it works: God answers.

But God was about to answer more than either I or my freedom minister asked for. During the course of the session we spoke and asked God about what was going on to make me feel so heavy, and we unearthed some core lies such as "I always have to be the strong one." We prayed through it and the weight was lifted. It took so little time, that both of us just sat back, I sipped my soda, and we chatted about life. Then the freedom minister said something that stopped me in my tracks and I looked and said "Now there's a lie. Want to pray through it?" And to my surprise, she looked at me and gave me a hearty "Yes!"

So there I sat, the one seeking help, now facilitating it. What if we lived life like that all the time, without labels, without expectations, without judgement? What if we could talk about freedom and our lives truthfully, point out the lies, wounds, hurts, vows, judgments, and pray through them without feeling shame, guilt, or self consciousness? What if we could all be vulnerable enough to say, "Hey, I need help."

That would be world-changing, a revolution of freedom, the freedom Christ meant us all to have. I love that God uses all of us, and that he can use someone seeking to do the ministering. I love that God desires for us to do this together, to do freedom together, to do life together. That's the Kingdom of God right there, and what a beautiful Kingdom it is!

*this post was run with the permission of all those involved that day**


  1. Isn't it wonderful when God flips things around like that? Maybe, just maybe, he encouraged you to schedule a session with the freedom minister...for her! He works things all into His perfect plan doesn't He? Thanks for sharing. I clicked the "amen" button!!

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it! The way God designed his daughters to be - leaning on each other. xo


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