Beautiful feet...

"If you found a cure for cancer, wouldn't it be inconceivable to hide it from the rest of mankind? How much more inconceivable to keep silent the cure from the eternal wages of death."
~Dave Davidson~

How beautiful the feet that bring
The sound of good news and the love of the King
~How Beautiful, by Twila Paris~

Her stature is small, tiny, petite. She lacks the supermodel height and stature, but by all accounts this woman, she is beautiful. It is not her features you notice that make her lovely, it's her presence. When she walks into a room she is salt and light. She is who she is made to be and she is doing what she was made to do, but most of all, she's free; Christ has freed her from lies, wounds, scars, and judgements. She is altogether wholly the person she was created to be.

She takes the love of God to the brothels, to the alleys where human trafficking is a reality, and where little girls are often raped and wounded. She shows them another way of life, she casts the shame off of them and shows them who they were created to be. She hears the stories and gives God's comfort. She helps them forgive and become free themselves. Those girls take it to other hurting women and children, and suddenly God's love and freedom are multiplying exponentially because one beautiful pair of feet was obedient to her call. She is changing lives and is well on the way to changing the world.

Today, I sat in front of such a woman and basked in the beauty of a life lived true to herself and to God. I'm sure even the most materialistic and worldly of women could not help but call her beautiful. True beauty, the kind of God beauty that we're all on this journey for starts and ends with the ability to know who we are based on who He is. And true Godly beauty is contagious, because you cannot see it and not be humbled.

My call may not be to the brothels of India, and yours may not be either. But the beauty of God is in knowing yourself and following His call, even if it's the call to minister right where you are. How beautiful are the feet that bring the sound of good news, the love of a King. How beautiful indeed.

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  1. What an inspirational post. xo

  2. What a wonderful call to be salt and light! I want to be contageous for Christ!! Thanks for the great post!


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