Will the real Alex please stand up?

I think there's a lie that the world believes about following Christ. There's a lie that if you do, you must give up your unique qualities, becoming some sort of veggie tale watching, pot luck loving, christian music listening drone; that we must change ourselves to fit a mold, but that's simply not true.

If there's a God, and if He created us, and if we were created for some kind of purpose, than it goes without saying that God must love and nay, have created our unique personality quirks and traits. At one point the bible likens the church to a body, some are the legs, others are the arms, the feet, the head, the toes. Each important, each serving a very different function but one that is necessary to accomplish what the body needs to do daily. The church is like that. As some say, "It takes all kinds."

What a boring, and very dysfunctional church body we'd be if we were all the same. Nothing would get accomplished. The very best part about accepting Christ is that He encourages us to be the truest us. What He offers us is freedom to become the truest versions of ourselves. If we stripped off the wounds, hurts, vows, judgements, striving, and trying; if we peeled off those layers that life has inevitably pasted on us by hardships, what would we look like? That's what He offers us, the chance to live that.

A few months ago, I had an 'experience' with God, an 'aha' moment that left me completely different and in awe of who He is, and subsequently who I was created to be. People tell me I'm different, happier, full of life. I daresay it's true. I am all those things and more because I finally got what Christ meant when He told us He came to bring us life, and life abundant. Not just in heaven, no, here in the now. I finally got that being 'His' was not about having to become someone else. It was about becoming more...'me'! I felt like the real 'me' finally stood up and I discovered passions I'd never even knew were in me, talents that laid dormant, and the freedom to respond to every situation with a brand new lens.

God longs for us to discover who He truly made us to be, like any good Father, He delights in it. Like Jesus calling Lazarus forth from the dead, God can call up our true selves. Are you ready to take that journey, the journey to find the real you? I promise you, it's worth it!


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