Freedom for the heart..

Isaiah 42:7 You will open eyes that can't see.
set prisoners free.
Those who sit in darkness will come out of their cells.

(Messianic prophecy about the coming messiah)

I think I must have been about twelve years old and I was sitting in my nonna's house eating some suppli. (For those that aren't Italian suppli is a fried rice ball with mozzerella in the middle.) Suddenly my nonna looked over at me and said "You've got such a pretty face, but why are you so fat?" I looked to my mom who just rolled her eyes and said nothing. She'd often tell me to ignore my grandmother, but for a little twelve year old pubescent that was hard! Those comments sunk into my heart like an anvil and they made the recipe for a lie that I lived with my whole life. It went something like "you'll never be good enough. Who you are will never be enough."

You see, whatever misconceptions or misperceptions of events that happen get imprinted into our heart and form the basis for lies and inner vows or judgements. Our heart is like a record, and it records all that goes on, all those traumatic moments and without the proper perception on it, we'll believe it's true and take it into adulthood with us.

This is the battle for your heart, for mine. There is a prince of evil in this world and he roams around like a lion, picking off the weak. See, you've got Jesus and you're saved, but if your enemy cannot take your soul, he'll try his best to make you miserable. That's why we see so many Christians who are untransformed, downtrodden, bitter, resentful, dead. Those of you who have found freedom know the difference. I do. I remember what it was like to spend my days full of anxiety about what others thought about me, full of bitterness toward family who had hurt me, full of insecurity. I look back at that person and I feel sorry for her.

Christ came to open eyes, set the captives free and release those who sat in dark dungeons. Has your heart been captive? Has your heart been kept in a dark dungeon of lies? If it has, it's time to know that God meant more for you than that. God wants to transform you, your heart, your life. Jesus calls his yoke "easy" and His burden as "light." God wants to transform us from the cinder girl to the queen, the beast to a beauty, the frog to a prince, the sleeping maiden into a princess. These stories call to us because even in these myths there's truth. There is a glory in you, something special, something unique.

Choose today to go on the journey to beauty. The journey to set your heart free. You won't be disappointed.

If I make the lashes dark

And the eyes more bright

And the lips more scarlet,

Or ask if all be right

From mirror after mirror

No vanity's displayed

I'm looking for the face I had

Before the world was made

~From the Poem "A woman young and old"


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