Surround yourself with beautiful people...

Part of living the life of a Godly woman is surrounding yourself with women who have a like mind and heart, this is what I mean when I say surround yourself with beautiful people. Not physical beauty, soul beauty. Tomorrow I leave on a 10 day long road trip. The woman I'm traveling with has become an intimate friend, a sister. It was a chance meeting. Someone said "My friend needs a place to stay," and I offered my house, and so it began and she's been here over a year. She has impacted my life more than words can say. I'll be going to see a friend on this roadtrip who brought me to the Lord. She was the reason that God started to work in my lonely heart at the Boston Conservatory. These women both are beautiful! Not just physically but soulfully. They live their lives in faith and have impacted mine in ways I cannot even begin to count. The Kingdom of God is made up of friendships. God did not put us here in a box, seperated from each other. He put us here with other people and it was for a reason. Look to King David and Jonathan. Jonathan gave David his loyalty and in return David helped save Jonathan's line even though his father was a jealous would be murderer. The bible says they were of one spirit. Authentic friendships. Authentic relationships. This is what God calls us to, and this is often how God works in our lives. As I'm away I pray that each of you that read this will begin to take the steps to find those friendships, those beautiful soulful women who can help lift you up. Those friendships that are full of the love of Christ and doing life together. Till next time.


  1. Alex: I love your blog! I too struggled until recently with what I saw in the mirror and comments I would hear from whisperings of how 'big,' I was. I began to believe those lies, but a true friend told me, you are so beautiful from the inside out and don't even see it. Now, I am trying to get over the comments and realize, God is happy with me, just as I am!

  2. This kind of "sisterhood" has been a gift from God in my life actually like a kiss from the one who loves me most! And you most, ... all of us most;) I think I'm inspired to pick up the phone and call my beautiful soul sisters and tell them just what gifts they are! Loved the blog:)


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