Lover of Your Soul

My husband has been on an extended work trip for three weeks, and I'll admit that it's starting to get to me.

But I have to wonder if this is also how God felt at the fall. God and man were best friends, lovers, He knew their heart and they knew His. They walked together in the cool of the day.

But man fell and was banished from the garden and God's intimate presence. How sad must God have been that day? Much like a bridegroom whose lost His bride, I'd imagine God's grief must have been great. And what about Adam and Eve? Their grief must have been terrible, like a wayward wife who knew she had sinned greatly.

The best part about the good news of Jesus is that we can once again walk with the Lord in the cool of the day. Jesus tore the viel that seperated us from the holy of holies and we can once again have that connection that we lost so long ago.

The fall left a big gaping hole in man's and woman's heart.

That's why we strive. That's why we put up walls. That's why we'll try to fit anything there that might make it better. The only thing that can once again make us whole is God.

God's the lover of our soul, the healer of our hearts. Jesus said he calls us friends!

Walk with Him, talk with Him. You'll find that He is and always will be the ever present lover of your soul.


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