God Don't make no mistakes...

This is a hard truth for me to write because it's something that I'm currently processing and dealing with at this very moment. Self Esteem. Now wait, before you tune out. We've all heard it, seen the infomercials. We've been there, heard that. But I'm onto something different about self esteem. As a woman we have a question that we carry inside of us throughout our lives and it goes something like "Am I lovely? Am I worth it?" That question inevitably gets answered for us if we do not answer it ourselves. The world tells us that we aren't lovely, at least not without botox, hours at the gym, wrinkle treatments, laser hair removal, highlights, or makeup. The world tells us we're not worth it. We're too much, and yet hardly not enough. Keep our emotions to ourselves. Don't be vulnerable with people. What the world doesn't know, and what the Prince of this World will try his very best to keep from you is a simple truth. You are beautiful. Eve is the epitome of creation. God said it was not good for man to be alone. The world is incomplete without us. We are lifegivers, we are home makers, we are multitaskers. Stasi Eldredge in Captivating calls it an "assault on femininity." It is. It is that Evil Prince's hope to confuse and hurt us. To make sure we know we are not worth anything. Why doesn't he want us to see our beauty? Because Beauty inwardly will shine outwardly. Get ready for this. People will react to you in the way you present yourself. Confidence in God, in who He made you will show on the outside. It is naturally attractive. I think we're purposefully built with a sort of radar to know when something is wrong with someone. We may not know exactly what it is at the time, but we know somethings wrong, awkward, different, out of place. The woman who loves God and gets her confidence in Him is a woman who attracts people. She is easy to be with. She says "All will be well." A woman who loves God and puts her confidence in Him can more easily love others. Remember "Love others as yourself." Yes, that's right. We're called to love ourselves. To hate ourselves is to hate what God created. It is as if we could say to God, "You may be a good God and author and creator but boy did you make a mistake when you created me." Can you imagine saying that to the God of this universe? I tremble right now at the thought of it. So here's the cliff note version of this entry. You're beautiful because God made you exactly the way he wanted to. When you realize that, when you let go of your insecurities and get God confidence, people will be able to tell. They may not even know what's different, but they'll know something is. It's freedom from insecurity. I mean really. How can we be insecure in ourselves if we know the God of the universe made us exactly so? To quote one of my bible college friends, "God don't make no mistakes."


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