All by myself

As women we are particularly relational creatures. We thrive on relationship. We are the half who shows God's nurturing, caring, relational spirit. We yearn for deep meaningful relationships. God designed us this way for I believe a purpose. We reflect a characteristic about Him that man does not have. But ever since the fall Eve has been lonely. Think about it for a second. Haven't you ever felt that even in the midst of a crowded room you feel lonely like no one really knows you, no one really knows your heart? We hate being alone. Admit it. Yes we like our "alone" time without kids or without husbands...but only for awhile. I can enjoy vacations alone a few days, but after that I miss conversation. I miss people. Plus, it is infinitely more fun to experience fun things with someone. We fill our time with books, movies, friends, outings, christian self help books. None of these things are bad in themselves. They are healthy. But deep down you know what I am saying. We don't like being all alone. I think one of the reasons why is because when we're truly alone we have to face ourselves, but most of all we have to face God. God is the only one who can truly fill our lonely hearts, but we often shy away from Him because when we talk with Him often times the things He wants to speak to us about are things we'd rather not hear. It is painful to let go of selfishness, to die to ourselves. It's like taking Medicine. It doesn't feel particularly good at the time, but it helps us become healthy. Time with God, time alone, time to let him "speak" to us and prune our hearts...that is good for us. It may not feel so good, but it helps us become free. Tonight I found myself alone. My husband is out on business, and most of my married friends were out with their significant others. At first I resisted what God was doing, but I needed to be alone with him again. I needed some heart pruning. God's the great creator, the master gardener. So next time you find yourself alone, seek Him. Let him prune your heart. Let him help you find freedom. He truly knows you like no one else can. He's the only one who can fill that void and He so longs to do so.


  1. I was "blog-hopping" and happened upon your lovely blog...I really like it and what you have to say.


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